Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be still my heart...

This past Christmas I unwrapped, with the utmost care, cookie stamps that sat unused - wrapped in lovely tissue and in a small box.  I looked at them...I stared...I wondered.  The stamps had delicate holiday decorations on them - a snowman, a snowflake, an Evergreen...I tried butter cookie recipe after recipe but nothing worked.  The stamped design never showed up and in frustration - I threw the stamps back in the box and slammed the cupboard door.  NOTE:  there goes that patience thing again.

Fast forward to today.  I am looking at food blogs - for art, for inspirations, for ideas...bottom line for the hell of it.  And this falls in my lap.  My eyes glaze over, visions of these lovely, delicate delights fill my head and I know I must make them for our annual Christmas party.

I'm no fool...I will practice with my cookie stamps from Germany before I rush out and by this gorgeous rolling pin.

I'll keep you updated...

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