Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baking as meditation...

Many people have written about baking bread as meditation. Just google it and lots of things will come up - from cookbooks to blogs.

I admit that I am not a baker. I love baked goods but I can't bake. Years ago I realized my baking skills were lacking due to a lack of patience. I am the baker that opens the oven door, that stands there tapping her feet, sneaking small pieces of bread, cake, brownies, cookies, rolls well before they are done. I end up tossing the whole lot because they weren't good enough. Well...that says something about me and my need for perfection.

I recently began honoring and loving myself on a level deeper than surface love (looking good, buying expensive products and items). I have always meditated but now I do it with ease and peace because I love myself and I need to take care of me.

This self love and self care spills over to the meals I create as well as my baking skills. I spent yesterday relaxing and making sticky buns for my beloved. Today I created pumpernickel bread - an homage to the man I love.

I used this recipe and it was a breeze: I used my bread machine and all I had to do was set and forget it.

Look at the finished tastes as good as it looks.

Who says baking can't add a dimension to your meditation?

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