Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crocdile (Croc) Cooker GelPro Poll

I began this blog lamenting about the hardwood floors in our house. Are we ever truly happy? That is fodder for another blog (smile). The hardwood floors throughout were what sealed it for us in this house and I stood there complaining that my feet hurt. I whined to my partner and showed her the Gel Pro kitchen mats. I stated my case (like the Lawyer in training that I am) and she said "You're kidding me? All that money for a mat." I went to one of my favorite websites for the culinary lover and began asking about the Gel Pro mats only to have my heart broken. "That is way too much money" "Buy the black mats you see in conventional kitchens" "Why don't you wear shoes in your house?" and the case for the Gel Pro mats was not a good one.

Someone mentioned Crocs and I immediately thought about Mario Batali (not a favorite chef of mine at all) and I mentioned it to my partner. On a solitary trek to Whole Foods she came back with...a pair of blue crocs and sparkly jewel jibbitz. Oooooooo, ahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh.

Much to my surprise, the Crocs worked and I was exalted to The Crocodile (Croc) Cooker.

Now, the Crocodile Cooker is pleased to announce that for Christmas my partner gave me a gift certificate to GelPro. I am trying to narrow down what I want for the kitchen. We have white cabinetry and the most glorious honey pine flooring. The appliances are stainless (with the exception of the white dishwasher and white stove hood - GROANS) with accents of black. I think black is too start but I love the basket weave pattern and red...makes my heart sing but I am not sure I want the striated one. me decide. Results will be posted and the person whose response helps me make my decision will receive a prize.

What say you?

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TheWholeTruth said...

I'm torn. I vote for the black one.