Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comfort food

Comfort food is a GOOD thing! Not just the physical comfort you gain from the familiar but the mental and emotional comfort speaks just as loudly.

For many reasons, these are the times that try men (and women's) souls. Typically, I turn to food for comfort, as I think most of us do. I now am attempting to not overcomfort.

In the midst of issues, I'm eating more to sustain myself and I do understand the difference. I made a great smoothie yesterday morning - organic frozen berries, vanilla whey powder, wheat germ, half of a banana, soy milk, fage yogurt and a small amount of agave syrup. I hate bananas but I need the potassium. This morning the twist was - vanilla soy milk, chocolate whey powder, half of a banana, agave syrup, the requisite ice cubes and two spoonfuls of peanut butter. Not bad.

We had an appointment in Marietta during the week and managed to sneak by Metanoya - I am pleased to say that her food is still as amazing as it was when she was in Roswell.

Check her out! Eat and love with no restraints.

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